Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Permission and Reprint

Personal, Educational and Noncommercial Use.
You may download, reformat, and print a limited amount of rawins.net contents for your personal, educational and noncommercial use. You may also include excepts or limited portions of rawins.net information in printed memos, reports, and presentations. We ask only that you attribute this information to us by including "Used with permission from Rawins Network, Copyright 2010. All rights reserved."

You may link from another site to rawins.net online content, including arts, paintings, images, reviews, articles, and all features include video and audio clips.

Other reproductions
Any other reproduction of rawins.net’s content requires permission from us, and some forms of reproduction will require you to pay a licensing fee. All commercial uses of rawins.net’s content require our permission, including the following:

1. Use of rawins.net’scontent in advertisements or promotions;
2. Use of rawins.net 's trademarks or logos.
3. Use of quotes, excerpts, or full text of rawins.net 's reviews, articles, or features;
4. Rawins Art does not allow the reposting of its online content (including image, video, audio, text, graphics, layout, and code) on a Web site or a public discussion board except in the case of a specific licensing agreement (see further details on video and audio usage below).

How to get permission
Please submit a permissions request to email eko@rawins.net

We do not allow the rebroadcast of any rawins.net video clips or webcasts online. All rawins.net video clips and webcasts are protected by Indonesian Copyright and International Treaties and may not be copied without the express permission of rawins.net

If you are interested in ordering reprints or using copyrighted materials for rawins.net, please send email to eko@rawins.net, and the rawins.net’s Administrator under authority Rawins Network will contact you.